I Know I Will See Courtney Again - A Response from Stormie's Mom
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By Patsy Gates See I Know I Will See Courtney Again and A Memorial to Stormie
August 2009


I am Stormie's Mommy...I too know about the *connection not being there.* It is SO HARD when you have such a total love-bond with a dog. Stormie and I needed no words....our eyes said it all. I have another pup...we didn't wait a year but probably should have. My pup now is Tillie....she's not Stormie, no one could ever fill that place in my heart.

For me it will be 2 years since Stormie went to the Bridge on Feb. 18. I lost her in 2002 however I KNOW where she is! Stormie is in my future and I can't wait to see her and stroke her shaggy fur...to kiss her and romp with her through all eternity! I believe God blesses us with these animals to teach us things. Stormie taught me what unconditional love looked like AND perseverance even when things seemed very difficult. I must confess that there are still days when I just want Stormie back...it's so hard.

Tillie is making her own pawprints but it's not the same. Poor Tillie had a hard time with a Mom who only wanted Stormie plus she was a very naughty puppy. I wonder what lessons God is trying to teach me with Tillie?

Courtney must have been a wonderful dog! I would not be surprised to someday see Stormie and Courtney being *best buds*.

Take care of yourself and thanks for sharing!

Patsy Gates

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