Daddy Dies at 16
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By Penny Eims on

February 2010

Cesar Millan's beloved Pit Bull "Daddy" dies at 16 years of age

Daddy, the mild-mannered Pit bull who assisted Cesar Millan in countless dog rehabilitations, died on Friday February 19, 2010. Daddy had been with Cesar since he was just 4 months of age.


Daddy was instrumental in many of Cesar's most difficult cases - his calm, even demeanor made him the ideal dog for helping out of control dogs find balance.

Perhaps even more importantly, Daddy became an ambassador for his much maligned breed. All too often, pit bulls in the news are portrayed as unstable, vicious killers. Daddy helped to dispel this image as he repeatedly tolerated even the most wildly out of control dogs with stability and calm-submissive behavior.

Daddy was frequently in the public eye, consistently showing off his calm, well-balanced demeanor on the hit series, the "Dog Whisperer".

At the Cesar's Way website, there is an update on Daddy's passing. The news posting states that not only is Cesar Millan and his family in mourning over the loss of Daddy, but so are his staff, friends, and volunteers. Daddy touched many lives in a beautiful and positive way.

Fans of Daddy who would like to make a donation in his memory can do so by donating to Daddy's Emergency Animal Rescue Fund. The fund has been created to help provide assistance to dogs who have been the victim of abuse, suffered from man-made disasters such as puppy mills, and also, for victims of natural disasters such as hurricane Katrina.

Daddy lived an impressive 16 years, successfully battling cancer and enduring chemotherapy treatments. He was surrounded by those who loved him when he passed. Hopefully his protege, Junior, will be able to carry on Daddy's excellent work. He certainly has big paws to fill.

Rest in peace Daddy - you've earned your place over the Rainbow Bridge.

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