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November 2016

The other day I had gone into the garage to get something. When I came out Toby, my roommateís dog. saw me and smelled me with this frantic look that showed me he was looking for me. I realized at that moment that when I moved from the house that I had been living in for five years, he would not understand why suddenly, his best buddy Lakota and I were gone. I knew that he would feel the loss and it broke my heart.

For four years Toby had hung out with Lakota and me most of the time. We went for long walks and played in the fields. I had taken them to dog parks and we walked together in the neighborhoods. When we got back he would lay with Lakota on my bed or floor and chill out all day. I put meditative music on for them and they would sleep so safe and protected.

When my neighbors first got Toby, he had been separated from his brother, whom they found together on the Los Angeles streets. Lakota came from the streets of Arkansas, but his mom and brothers and sisters were rescued before anything bad could happen to him.

When Toby and Lakota met it was a bond that was instant. They played together, walked together, ate together and slept together on most nights.
But now Lakota and I are far away from Toby. He is alone and in some respects Lakota is alone. No person can replace another dog who has been a close buddy.

Toby loved Lakota and I know he loved me. I was his pack leader most of the time as we struggled through many times of trying to help him understand he didn't have to be so overprotective. Toby was traumatized on the streets of L.A and then he was traumatized by the loss of the only family he knew, his brother and then again traumatized by Lakota and I leaving.

I love that little guy and I know that he is missing us and going through mourning. I know some people donít believe and they just donít understand that dogs grieve when they lose those they love.

When I had two dogs Solomon and Chalcy and Solomon passed away, my dog Chalcy laid on my dog Solomonís bed after his passing, which is something she had never done before.

Dogs grieve and they hurt emotionally. It is a shame when the people of these animals donít understand that or believe it.

Before I left I spent as much time with Toby as I could. I knew it would hurt incredibly when I said goodbye to him. If I could I would have taken him with me. I knew it would hurt but I knew he would hurt if I just stopped paying attention to him or walking him or having him in my room. My hurt seemed to pale in comparison to him not understanding this drastic change in his life.

Goodbye Toby. I love you so much, buddy and so does Lakota. Thank you for being such a shining star in my life for those four short years.


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