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by T. Stokes - 25 Mar 2007

Augsut 2009

You are probably aware of how the Japanese nation catch and kill dolphins, and its attendant cruelty, while watching the whaling on T V, I remembered a strange story from my boyhood which I would like to share with you, and would value your opinions.

My father who was on the warships during W.W.II saw some strange and awful things Which disturbed him the rest of his life, he never knew what to make of this tale and neither do I He was talking of the dolphins that would swim behind the ships and play jumping in and out of the water, and the men would throw them left over food scraps.

Suddenly the ship was conscious of an air attack as a huge plume of water shot up right beside the boat, throwing a man who was watching the dolphins into the sea.

They could not risk the ship by waiting to pick up the man so they left leaving him miles from anywhere, to the mercy of the open sea.

The attack was like many at that time spasmodic and nasty, but repairs were attempted at sea and the name of the man overboard was included with names of the dead, at a small prayer meeting held later by the ships padre on deck.

Some weeks later the ship was again passing the area on the return voyage, when the ship was notified to pick up a man who wanted to return to his ship, and my father who was one of the ships doctors was told to stand by to check him fit for service.

My father and the crew were amazed when the man who fell overboard appeared back on ship and told a remarkable story.

He claimed that the school of dolphins behind the ship took care of him and helped keep him afloat, these dolphins took it in turns to nudge him from underneath, and he held on to them, and drifting in and out of consciousness, realised they were talking to him, and said they were taking him to the safety of land.

The ships captain whispered to my father that the man was obviously just confused from his time in the sea, but my father said we have just given him a clean bill of health mentally and physically.

The man went onto say the creatures of the sea were not pleased that man had made such a mess of things, and that dolphins were related to a man like being far out in the universe, who would have to come and help save the planet.

The captain said “that’s it lock him up till we get to port“ My father and the other doctors remained silent, but noticed whenever the confused man was allowed to go to the rear of the ship for his daily 30 minute exercise, the dolphins would go mad with excitement.

Now there are similar stories which one can read up on, particularly the resemblance in skin texture to what are called the Little Greys, but my father never knew quite what to make, of the man who was saved by the dolphins

~T Stokes

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