Dory's Healing
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From Christy - 31 May 2018

I was searching online for stories about healings in pets.   I believe my dog Dory was healed from cataracts on her eyes.  About 3 months ago I woke up early in the morning and had to get ready to make a flight out of town for 7 days.  I was horrified when I looked at my dogs and saw that Dory's eyes looked swollen and cloudy.  She is 5. Dory is a medium sized black mix of springer spaniel and something else.   We have a13 year old beagle that is diabetic and is blind from cataracts and has insulin injections 2 times a day.  

My boyfriend and I live together.  I asked him to make sure he would take Dory to the vet when he got home from work.   When I was on the plane , I felt a deep hurt in my heart and I started Praying to God to heal Dory .  I thought to myself NOT AGAIN !.. She is so young!   I blamed myself for my beagle Gabe's diabetes.  I know I had been giving Dory too many treats and felt just awful as her eyes looked just like Gabes.   I prayed to God saying I know Jesus died for us and our sins and by his stripes we are healed.  I said I know she isn't a human being, but I adore her and asked if God could heal her and I also said I plead the blood of my Lord Jesus Christ over my family, my home and my dogs.  Please heal Dory. I plead the blood of Jesus Christ over her in Jesus name! I continued to pray  for her the entire time I was away. When I got home my boyfriend told me he never took her to the vet and that she was just fine.  I  immediately looked into her eyes and even got a flashlight to see if I could see any cloudiness.   Nothing!  I thanked God!  

After that I thought while maybe she just had a eye infection.  But I knew it looked just like Gabe's eyes when I left.    Either way I was relieved and was grateful to God her eyes were clear.   Later that day I was outside in the yard and my neighbor Doug said.  "Have you taken DORY to the vet?".  I said No..  Why?   He seemed agitated and said  " My GOSH!  Can't you see how  awful her EYES look?  I think she is going blind!"   I told him I had thought that before I left to go on my trip and had asked my boyfriend to take her to the vet.  He said "Are you sure she is OK?".  He seemed so confused.  I went into the house and actually brought her  outside, so he could see she was OK and he picked her up and was looking at her eyes just like I had a bit earlier.  He appeared to be dumbfounded!  He said.  "That's so strange! She looked blind to us when we saw her in your yard just yesterday.  Now I don't  know what really happened as she  was never seen by a vet , but my neighbor obviously saw her cloudy eyes too.   I told him how upset I was when I left and told him I had been praying for her!   I also told him..  I think prayers are answered all the time.  Maybe God healed her for me and answered my prayers!    He shook his head.   It all seemed  so bizarre to him.  He was so surprised her eyes were clear...      I am just so happy she is OK and Thank GOD!  I believe God healed her.  I am so very grateful.     I just thought I would share my story.  This is the first time I documented what happened.  I don't ever want to forget what happened!  GOD is GOOD!

Thanks for your time,

Christine Pendleton

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