Not 'Just" a Pigeon... Earl Gray!
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FROM Heather Hamilton, Palomacy: Itís Pigeon Diplomacy
September 2021

Earl is a pigeon, a pigeon who cannot fly. Some may not understand the value of this being. The inherent value of this creature Ė this loving, caring, loyal, assertive, genuine animal. But I know the miracle that is Earl, and I know that my life and this world is better because of his existence.

Never underestimate the inherent value of life.

Pigeon Earl Gray

It is difficult to write about Earl. The words on paper never seem to do justice to the wonder that he is.

Earl became part of our family in November 2019. My husband and I adopted our feather baby Earl about a week after we married. After following Palomacy on social media for about a year, and then attending the Mascoorade where I spent the evening cuddling recently rescued squab survivor Courageous, I reached out to Elizabeth and Jill letting them know that I was interested in fostering to adopt. I let them know I wanted a pigeon with special needs. Not long after, Earl joined the family.

While Earl doesnít walk or fly, he sure does scoot! When he wants affection, he scoots himself to me wherever I am in our studio apartment. Because of Earlís handicap, he usually lays on the same side of his body. When I have him, I hold him perched on my thumb and he preens the wing he usually cannot reach. It is my service to Earl, and it is my honor. I have OCD and watching him meticulously clean his wing is very therapeutic for me. The nights when Earlís feeling frisky, my finger gets all the love. Itís beyond precious.

And our daughter Peach we adopted so that Earl could also have a pigeon companion. Peach is a sassy independent Fantail Mindian and also the queen of the castle. She loves Earl dearly. Peach lays eggs about every 6 weeks. The eggs are not fertilized*, yet she and Earl hopelessly and endearingly take care of those eggs. Earl wonít let me near them and protects Peach when she is sitting on them. Earl scoots around picking up grass and twigs to help build the nest. He scoots his way to the eggs and when heís next to them, uses his beak to position them under his body as best he can.

Pigeons Earl Gray and Peach




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