I Lost My Beloved Eskandar
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FROM Jaleh
August 2009

We lived together for 17 years. He was not only a cat for me, he was my family, my friend, and my son.

I live in a 3rd world country (Iran) where few people care for the wellbeing animals. There are a lot of feral cats all around the city, they are hungry, the people are kicking them, and treating them very badly. I just stayed in this country because of the cats. I have no human friends and no relatives. I live alone just with my cats. But now Eskandar has left me and I miss him a lot.

I am a vegetarian and I love all the other living beings. I have two other cats that are still living with me, but my Eskandar was something else. I really miss him. Who knows where he is now?! (We assured Jalah that Eskandar was in heaven with God.)

I just hope he comes in my dreams when I am sleeping at night and assures me that he is in a better place now.

(Eskandar - 01)
(Eskandar - 02)
(Eskandar - 03)

I attached some photos of him, when he was young, and of the last days of his life. (Click on the links to enlarge the photos.)

Here are photos from my other three cats, Philip and Zangole and Roxana.



With best wishes,

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