A Sweet Farewell to Amy
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Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary
March 2015

Amy spider monkey

Amy’s guardians, Carol and Don, kept Amy as a ‘pet’ for 23 years in Ohio.

When she grew into the wild animal she was born to be, she was moved to a cage in the basement for her last 15 years in Ohio.

When the laws changed, making it more difficult to keep exotic animals, Don and Carol started looking into sanctuaries for Amy.

Although the thought of Amy leaving their home made them sad, they were excited that she would have monkey friends and live outside with trees, grass and sunshine!

The day Amy arrived at the sanctuary, her eyes filled with curiosity. Amy lived a larger life, doing monkey things. Amy was a very sweet monkey, chattering with her monkey friends and always eager to greet the humans as they pass by.

Amy spider monkey

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our beloved Amy who lost her battle with cancer on March 10, 2015.

On March 2 we announced on our Facebook page that Amy had developed a suspicious mass in her abdomen. After several tests, x-rays and an ultrasound with Dr. Schirmer and his staff at West End Animal Hospital, it was confirmed that Amy had a cystic mass in her reproductive tract and that it would be in her best interest to have an ovariohysterectomy. Surgery was scheduled for March 10 in hopes that the mass could be removed and that it had not metastasized. Despite our hopes, Dr. Schirmer was unable to remove the mass because it was attached to her bladder and had extended into her pelvic canal.

Amy spider monkey

Amy left this world for the next surrounded by many of her friends. The pathology report confirmed that Amy had suffered from uterine leiomyosarcoma, a rare and invasive form of cancer.

We thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers as we deal with this difficult time. Please consider donating to our Monkey Medical Fund in memory of Amy.

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