Felix the Rooster has a New Friend – Gabby!
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United Poultry Concerns (UPC)
August 2015

Photos of Felix and Gabby by Karen Davis, UPC

chicken friends
Felix the baby rooster

“Remember me? I am Felix. Until July 15 I was nameless and three days before that I was hopeless.

I fell off a truck taking me to be killed, but a kind person saw me lying on the road and brought me to the Eastern Shore Animal Hospital in Virginia where my smashed wing had to be amputated.

So here I am today, August 20, living at United Poultry Concerns, where everybody loves me, and I have a new friend!

Her name is Gabby. She too was saved by kind people.

Here we are!”

chicken friends
Gabby standing next to Felix.

chicken friends
Gabby standing on Felix.

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