Five precious rescued bears
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July 2019

We rescued them and are now mending their broken bodies and tortured minds.

Bear Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea

Our five precious newbies are all doing great and responding well to the treatment and loving care they’re getting. That loving care is a gift from you. Your donations truly mean the world to these bears.

Solo was abandoned in a cage, left all alone on a construction site. Sweet Pea, Lily, Scooby and Phuong were rescued from a resort. It’s likely all would have been sold on to a circus. Or worse. A bile farm.

Instead they’re wrapped in your kindness. Medicine for their wounds... fruity treats and toys to bring some wonder to their days... and words and smiles to remind them that they’re home for good and loved beyond words.

Our wonderful Senior Bear Manager Sarah van Herpt has been ‘mom’ to these bears since they arrived – Solo two weeks ago, and the four bears, just a week ago.

Here’s what Sarah has to say about her newest little charges:

Solo is an absolute sweetheart, but the sight of the four new bears was a shock to her. Who knows how long it’s been since she last saw another bear? But after a few days she got used to them being around. Solo is very smart with her enrichment toys, and figures out puzzles with treats inside very quickly. She’s been heard clucking a few times. Science doesn’t know for sure, but we see it in bears who are anxious. They’ll cluck to one another to say ‘I mean no harm’ or ‘I’m here behind you... don’t startle’ or ‘You’re making me uncomfortable.’

Sweet Pea is a laidback and chilled wee bear. She loves to make nests with giant leaves and palm brooms, and she was the first bear to give in and eat her tomatoes!

But poor Sweet Pea... she was on meds for the wound on her nose and nasal discharge, but we had to stop them because she was vomiting them straight up. We’re monitoring her closely when introducing her to new foods like banana to make sure it’s not the banana causing her vomiting. Right now, we’re trying her out with congee. The wound itself is healing well.

Lily is on meds because she’s very itchy. Her sparse coat has revealed just how extensive her snare scar is. It runs right across her lower abdomen and around to her back. What must this gorgeous girl have suffered? Thankfully, that’s all over now. Lily is really enjoying her fresh fruit and veggies, and she loves to lick jam from the bamboo feeders. Her personality is still emerging and we can’t wait to see how she develops and grows.

Scooby is a hungry little man! He loves his food, and is always asking if we might have a few more of those dried sweet potatoes he loves so much. Scooby loves to play in water and you can often find him on his stomach lying down, two feet in his water bowl. He’s very small for a male bear, so we think he might be quite young.

Phuong is taking everything in her stride. It’s been a battle to help her to eat, but finally we have the key – honey!

Bear Phuong

By blending her food with honey we found a way for her to enjoy her meals – but it also tells us she must have some painful teeth in her mouth. So our gorgeous Phuong will soon have a full dental. Phuong is often seen rolling around on her back playing with all of her toys.

These precious bears are where they are today because of you. Your kindness affects their lives in every way... thank you for saving them from the worst possible fate. Now, together, we can make these broken bears whole again.

If you haven’t had a chance to give to these beautiful bears yet, there’s still time. Please consider a gift of US$30 to help them recover.

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