The friendship of Eddie and Sherman
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Indraloka Animal Sanctuary
December 2018

Eddie is just one of the thousands of children whose lives have changed because of these animals. They see animals that they relate to.

Rooster Sherman

I would like to tell you a story about Eddie, a young man with serious developmental disabilities. His teachers described him as lacking self-confidence, having trouble focusing, and often losing control in fits of frustrated anger. When I met Eddie, he would not make eye contact. He stuttered. He fidgeted. He seemed uncomfortable in his own skin and unsure of the humans around him. As an innocent child, he had already learned to fear the world because he is different. I wept for him.

Eddie volunteered with us several times a week for a summer. He took great pride in helping the animals and the animals loved him. He was especially drawn to the chickens, and made fast friends with a rooster named Sherman. Sherman had hurt other birds before. We had to keep him separated to protect the rest of the flock. We made sure he had time to roam every day, but we kept the weaker birds inside during those times to protect them. And you know what? Sherman was sad. He was lonely. He loved us humans and happily clucked for cuddles and treats. But he longed for the company of a flock. Just like Eddie.

kids and chickens

We noticed that when Sherman and Eddie hung out, both were calm. And even with other birds around, they focused on each other. Soon, we were able to let Sherman hang out with the whole flock. As long as Eddie was there, both were calm and seemed content.

During that entire summer, Eddie never lost focus and never lost control, but he did find confidence in himself. And Sherman never attacked another bird again. Eddie’s teachers told us that they had never seen him happier than he was that summer.

Eddie is just one of the thousands of children whose lives have changed because of these animals. They see animals that they relate to. These kids know the animals have been powerless and abused— but they see them heal, grow, and live full, joyful lives. The animals instill hope in these kids in a way that no humans ever could.

This is how you change the world. Pairing humans—especially children— and animals in need, encouraging them to heal each other.

Thanks to you, and so many more generous, caring people like you, we have acquired a property that is three times bigger than our current location, and much easier to get to. Here, we will be able to introduce so many more kids to animals who can help them. But first, we need you.

That is why we urgently need to raise $70,000 before midnight on December 31st. While we began construction this fall, there is still a lot to do before we before we can begin to operate at our new home- and before we can welcome children to visit with the animals.

Will you help kids like Eddie? Will you help animals like Sherman? Will you please give a gift today so we can provide them with the friendship they both need? If you donate now, your gift will be doubled for them.

There are so many children like Eddie, and so many more animals like Sherman- yearning to be loved unconditionally and laugh and dream and play as they all should. As we all should. And you can help them.

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