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[Ed. Note: From now on, when someone asks me why I'm vegan, I'm going to start the conversation with, "Well, it's because of all the Mr. Frizzles in the world who I can save." And then I'll show them his picture.]

From United Poultry Concerns (UPC)
Ma 2011

No one knows how he got there, but one day in 2007, Mr. Frizzle climbed the front steps of Kathy Mullinís home in Maryland. He was exhausted and emaciated, and his curly white feathers were all crusty and dirty.

Kathy sent several photos, and asked if UPC could adopt him. I said "Okay," not sure how big he would be, but when I opened the door, there stood Kathy with this bright-eyed, curly little fellow held snug in her arms.


For a while Mr. Frizzle lived outside in a yard with 5 tiny black hens we call the Thumbelinas. But at the first sign of sniffles, I brought him inside. Though Mr. Frizzle lives mostly in the kitchen, on warm days we let him out on the porch and down the back steps to the side yard with Eleanor and her gang. Mr. Frizzle is full of enthusiasm and loving affection. He is UPCís special angel.

He had battled a respiratory infection the last few years and over the weekend of April 2nd, 2011, he finally succumbed to it.

Mr. Frizzle's portrait was visible for many months around the DC area on bus ads.


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