Charlotte and Beatrice
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From Gentle Barn Sanctuary

October 2011

Charlotte, who has cancer, was going to be slaughtered at a nearby farm but, against all odds, she escaped and made a frantic run to the gate of Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary -- the one place on earth where she knew she would be safe and loved.

She had one other very important reason to seek us out. She was nine months pregnant and she was desperate to save not only her own life but the life her unborn child.

On September 17 at 6:30 am, only days after Charlotte's arrival, she gave birth to little Beatrice.


It is only through the support of donors like you that the sanctuary was there for Charlotte and her child in the first place, and only with the help of donors like you that we will be able to provide for both of them, as well as care for the hundreds of other rescued residents for many years to come. Please help us continue to be the lifesaving oasis for animals who would have no place else to go.

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