Gilbert, The Goat
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From Animal Place Sanctuary
September 2010

Every year, more than 600,000 goats are slaughtered for consumption. Many of them are killed in backyards with no legal oversight or protection. Such was the fate of Gilbert had an animal control officer not driven by and saw the hog-tied goat. Gilbert was left in the back of a pick-up truck, tied up, and exposed to the overbearing heat. The officer confiscated the goat, saving his life. Gilbert was only six months old!


The moment Gilbert arrived at the sanctuary, he knew his place in the world. Kind, gentle, Gilbert is the peacemaker of the herd. He comforts new animals, gently grooming them. He never involves himself in disputes, preferring calm serenity over aggressive overtures.

Like all goats, Gilbert is incredibly curious. His previous experience with humans led him to be shy around most people, but he'll come up for choice leaves and apples. Sometimes, when the mood strikes, he'll even allow a scratch here or there. Mostly, he spends his days monitoring the herd and making sure everyone is present, content and happy.

Gilbert is a Nubian, a breed used primarily in the goat dairy industry. Male kids are not valued - they don't produce milk. Like the male dairy calves, male goat kids are only valued for their flesh. The by-product of the dairy industry - bovine or caprine - are slaughtered males...all killed at the young age of 4-6 months.


Gilbert is, of course lucky. He represents all the male dairy goats who aren't so lucky.

For Gilbert and goats like him, we encourage transitioning to a vegan diet!

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