Saying Goodbye to Wiley, a LARC Co-founder
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FROM LARC Lockwood Animal Rescue Center
December 2019

One of the hardest parts of animal rescue is that we know we will often outlive these friends that we save.

Wolfdog Wiley

We are devastated to have lost our beloved Wiley to natural health causes related to old age. Wiley was the wolfdog who started it all and we consider him a co-founder of LARC.

In 2008, Matthew received a call about a wolfdog that was at a local animal shelter. Matthew arrived just in time - he found Wiley shivering and terrified, strapped to a cold stainless steel table. He was about to be euthanized - all due to his wolf DNA.

Lorin Lindner-Matt Simmons
Wiley with Matt Simmons (LARC Co-Founder and CEO) and Dr. Lorin Lindner (LARC Co-Founder and President)

Matthew took Wiley under his arm and walked out of the shelter with him - and that is how LARC began rescuing wolves and wolfdogs. Wiley was a gentle and kind friend to everyone at LARC. He served as our wolfdog ambassador, educating the public about why humans should not breed wolves and dogs. He often accompanied Matthew on our weekly food runs.

Three years ago, when a baby coyote named Lichen arrived at LARC, Wiley stepped in to help care for him. He would not let Lichen out of his sight, making sure he was safe. He always loved babies.

Staff and volunteers were always greeted warmly by Wiley - there was not a person who he met that he did not like.

One of the hardest parts of animal rescue is that we know we will often outlive these friends that we save, especially the canids. However, no matter how many times it happens it never gets any easier. We are deeply saddened by the loss of our dear, dear friend Wiley.

There will be a memorial service for Wiley so that the veterans of LARC can say good-bye officially. Wiley's ashes will be placed under his favorite tree and there will be a stone plaque letting everyone know of his important contribution to the creation of LARC. We invite those who knew and loved him to submit stories about your experiences with Wiley.

If you would like to make a gift in memory of Wiley, your donation will be used just as we think Wiley would have wanted it - to rescue more wolves and wolfdogs from mistreatment and abuse.

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