Goofy Has His Own T-Shirt
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American Tortoise Rescue
August 2015

Goofy eastern box turtle

Goofy is a male Eastern box turtle who was relinquished to American Tortoise Rescue about a year ago. He was undernourished, and we think he has vision problems because he cannot seem to see the food or worms in front of him. We hand feed him worms and bananas to make sure he gets enough to eat.

He has a great personality and is very funny with a goofy sense of humor. He loves posing for the camera.

Goofy eastern box turtle

While he lived in the main turtle yard for many months, he suddenly decided he preferred living with the boggy turtles in a different part of the rescue.

He climbed over the wall to get there, and after putting him back in the main yard four or five times, we gave up and let him live where he wants.

So please honor Goofy and help us raise money too! Simply visit American Tortoise Rescue to order your limited edition Goofy shirt today - they won't last long!

Goofy eastern box turtle

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