Gowri the elephant just rescued with sanctuary for life!
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April 2018

Gowri... after 30-plus years of misery, a natural, forest land and no more chains!

Elephant Gowri
Gowri before... and now!

Gowri lived for 30-plus years in a small shed at a religious institution. Every day, she was forced to perform actions unnatural to elephants, and stood on a stone floor, chained, for hours or days on end. This abuse led to several medical and psychological condition.

But thankfully, Gowri is rescued and will now live at WRRC's elephant sanctuary near Bangalore. A natural, forest land and no more chains!

After 30-plus years of misery, Gowri is now free to walk (or run!) on dirt and grass, eat natural plants, bathe in the pond-enjoy her life. We hope with time, the sanctuary life will help her overcome her past abuse and transform her physical and psychological trauma.

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