Gracie and Sweetie's Story
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Gracie and Sweetie's Story
Erica Wildman

Gracie and Sweetie came to us in April and May 2005.

Gracie had 3 kitties: Mary (the star), Jennie, and Julie.  Three weeks later, Sweetie gave birth to 5 kittens: Prissy (Star #2), Timmie, Mikey, Jessie, and Jerry.  We had all the cats spayed/neutered, before they were adopted. (Photo - 01) Gracie and Sweetie

Sweetie, although shy, was placed in a petfood store where she was able to roam freely and was adopted about three weeks later by a customer, and now has a loving home.  Gracie is not adoptable, so she still lives with us. (Photo - 02) Gracie and her kitties have found a save haven

Gracie and Sweetie were sisters. Their mother brought them to my friendís house, an 82 year old lady who had been feeding her. During the course of that year she brought her three litters to Dorothy and soon those kitties had kitties. We did what we could to catch them but never caught the mother. Once her kitties got older and could find their way to her house by themselves, some of them stayed in her yard, she did not come back with them until she had a new litter.

In the end she never came back.

(Photo - 03) Gracie and Kitties relaxing

(Photo - 04) Eight kitties in dreamland

(Photo - 05) Eight kitties waking up

(Photo - 06) Sweetie with Prissy, Timmy, Mikey, Jessie and Jerry

(Photo - 07) After Playtime comes dinnertime - Mommy Sweetie is available

(Photo - 08) Always the first one out to explore - Mary the little calico

(Photo - 09) After naptime comes playtime

(Photo - 10) The kitties are becoming adventurous

(Photo - 11) There she goes!

(Photo - 12) Sharing a dinner plate

(Photo - 13) After dinner - Dessert - served by Mommy Sweetie

(Photo - 14) Playtime in the Nursery can get a little rough at times

(Photo - 15)  Cousins Prissy and Mary...Read more

(Photo - 16) Mary is considering her next move

(Photo - 17) The almost perfect lineup - if it weren't for Mary!

(Photo - 18) The dining room is definitely getting crowded...Read more

(Photo - 19) The children soon learned to climb
...Read more

(Photo - 20) Julie has found a way to monopolize the food!

(Photo - 21) The top of the world is getting a little crowded

(Photo - 22) OOPS! It's a long way down!

(Photo - 23) Jerry

(Photo - 24) YUM! Mary

(Photo - 25)  Naptime!

(Photo - 26) Bath time!

(Photo - 27) Teamwork!

(Photo - 28) Prissy the Contortionist

(Photo - 29) Mommy Sweetie is always there for us!

(Photo - 30) Mary - Ready for round One?

(Photo - 31) Prissy climbing up my pants legs

(Photo - 32) The race to the top...
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(Photo - 33)  Defending the Summit - Prissy and Mary

(Photo - 34) Gracie - always accommodating a hungry child!

(Photo - 35) Mary - the kitten with attitude

(Photo - 36) Timmy watching over Jennie and Mikey

(Photo - 37) Say CHEESE everybody!

(Photo - 38) Proud Mothers - Gracie and Sweetie

(Photo - 39) Who's in charge here!

(Photo - 40) Bookends - Sweetie and Gracie

(Photo - 41) Getting a little snooze while mother is keeping a watchful eye over things

(Photo - 42) Timmy was the last of the kitties to be adopted from PetValue...Read more

(Photo - 43) Timmy loved his scratching post

(Photo - 44) Everyone wants to get to the top

(Photo - 45) Prissy welcoming the day

(Photo - 46) Prissy and Mary

(Photo - 47) Mary welcoming the day

(Photo - 48) Roughhousing: Mary and Timmy

(Photo - 49) Prissy, Mary, Jerry

(Photo - 50) Mary

(Photo - 51) Julie likes the high spots

(Photo - 52) Jennie, Timmy, Jerry

(Photo - 53) Getting ready for the farewell performance

(Photo - 54) Goodbye, Farewell, So Long...Read more

(Photo - 55) At the adoption center

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