Happy First Birthday to Four Beloved Bovines
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From Catskill Animal Sanctuary
August 2013

Catskill sanctuary bovine calfBarely able to stand and stricken with pneumonia, E-coli, and Giardia, Russell, Bernard, Calvin, and Emerson were rescued and arrived at CAS last August–just three days after birth. Our staff and volunteers sprang into round the clock care to ensure their nutritional and health needs were met. It was a happy, happy HAPPY day when they were finally not sick anymore and were released into their “big boy field” where they and ran and ran and ran…and then ran some more!

Now healthy and robust with a zest for life, their gorgeous eyes, gentle dispositions and curious natures have warmed the hearts of many visitors this past year. We are excited to celebrate their first birthday, their thriving health, and the anniversary of their rescue, and invite you to join us!

While these four spectacular beings were spared the enormous suffering that male calves endure in the dairy industry, their families and millions of other cow families are not. On weekend tours, when people spend time with Russell, Bernard, Calvin and Emerson, learn their story and the rare twist of fate that brought them to CAS, it also connects them with the plight of all calves in the world. These experiences are vital in helping people begin to rethink their food choices and spread compassion for calves like Emerson.

Catskill sanctuary bovine calf

Catskill sanctuary bovine calf

And as we at CAS are dedicated to providing exceptional care to our rescued residents, the boys will soon undergo a procedure to prevent a devastating illness called Hardware Disease. Since the accidental ingestion of any small metallic object can cause death, a small implanted magnet will protect any dangerous objects from causing harm.

To help us celebrate their birthday, contribute to the costs of this unique procedure, or simply support the daily care of our birthday boys, consider making a donation. Thank you for being part of our lifesaving work and we invite you to come visit these beautiful bovines before the end of October!

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