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From Beagle Freedom Project (BFP)
December 2012

As this e-newsletter goes to digital print we can report that we have just received a group of beagles from a laboratory in the Southwest. This is our 9th rescue and just in time for the holidays! All the dogs are young males and are understandably a little shell-shocked. They are just experiencing freedom for the first time, affectionate embraces, other canine company, toys, warm beds, and clean food and water. These dogs are survivors!

beagle freedom rescue labThe BFP cannot disclose the laboratory from which their release was negotiated and we are not certain of the exact violence they suffered, but here is what can be reported: they endured invasive experimentation and all have poorly sutured wounds causing them immediate pain. The BFP is tending to these immediate medical needs, but their emotional recovery and rehabilitation is dependent on you, our supporters.

beagle freedom rescue labThey are going to need really caring foster homes, the best forever adoptive homes, and their story shared far and wide so the public finally realizes these animals are not test-tubes but gentle, curious, playful, loyal, affectionate, loving creatures who deserve better.


BFP Rescue Update

beagle freedom rescue labMany of you will remember Billy, one of the ten dogs rescued from a Southern California laboratory this year. Of all the dogs the BFP has helped to heal, these ten were the most difficult and suffered the most pain. All of them are thriving now in their forever homes and Billy, a small 22 pound gentleman, has found a calling as a therapy dog.

Billy visits hospitals, nursing homes, and even church programs spreading his unconditional love and soaking up all the reciprocated affection. His story and giant heart has touched so many people and inspired compassion and hope. His journey from incarceration to liberation to inspiration was only possible because of his great adopter and all the BFP supporters who helped make his life a success.  

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