Hope's New Friend is a Snow Hen!
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United Poultry Concerns (UPC)
January 2017

rescued hen hope
Carol is building a Snow Hen for Hope. Photo by Scott Bartram.

We’re delighted to share our friend Carol Bartram’s photos of her rescued hen, Hope, in the snow this month. Carol and Scott Bartram live in Yorktown, Virginia.

On January 11, Carol wrote UPC: “In September, a woman went to her job at a church in Hampton, VA and discovered a very hungry and thirsty white hen in the fenced-in church playground. I wonder about her early days and can only guess that someone got her as a cute little chick at a feed store, or as a gift for a kid....”

Luckily, the woman found Carol, and Hope found a loving home.

snow hen
Photo of Carol and Hope by Scott Bartram.

Hope the hen
Hope. Photo by Scott Bartram.

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