A Message From Houdini on Mother's Day
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FROM Renee King-Sonnen, RowdyGirlSanctuary.org
May 2020

Houdini is the first calf I raised as a vegan. She is the apple of my eye and such a light in my life.

Cow Houdini
Renee with her granddaughter Houdini...Love is seamless - it has no boundaries--it matters not what species it is - love is love is love is love... THIS IS LOVE! I love you my precious Grand Child!

I was hanging out with Houdini a few days ago and she had this to share with me:

"I want you to know that you are not only a Mother, but you are a Grandmother - you helped me see beyond the experience of being raised as food - you loved me as your own when you could have looked the other way and made money on me at a sale barn."

"I Love You"

Mothers Day is a day to reflect on all the Mothers in the world - I'm always brought to tears on Mothers Day because I could never have human babies - I totally missed that experience of having a human baby.-- a kid that I raise and imprint upon.

Cow Rowdy Girl
Rowdy Girl... Houdini's mother...

That is, I used to really mourn that experience until I went vegan and found myself not only the Mother to all the farm animals in my care but also the grandmother. Houdini is Rowdy Girl's first daughter and my grand baby. She is my first experience in loving someone unconditionally that is not human after I went vegan and she has taught me so much about who I am as a human Mom with animals as my children.

"Remember, Grandmother when I lost my only child to coyotes and you were there with me while I mourned the loss of my baby. You held me close and cried with me for several days. You went back with me to the spot where my little one was killed by coyotes. And even though I will never know what it is like to raise a calf to adulthood, I have something most cows like me could never have...and that is the vegan love of a human grandmother
~ stay strong - we need you."

Houdini is the first calf I raised as a vegan. She is the apple of my eye and such a light in my life. On Mothers Day and everyday pause and reflect on those souls that depend on you to be their Mother. There are so many human and non-human souls in this world that need nurturing - I am fortunate to have such an opportunity to be there for these cows and other farm animals.

I wish all of you a beautiful Mothers Day and if you are so inclined please donate to Rowdy Girl today - we need your donations now more than ever because of COVID - many folks that have supported us for years are having to reduce or suspend their donations because they've lost their jobs. So if you are financially able to help us today, it would mean so much to all of us. Big hugs from me and Houdini, Rowdy Girl and Renee aka Rowdy Girl - (me and Rowdy Girl are twin souls).

"When Mother Earth's kids are confined, beaten, and bludgeoned to death for food, she grieves."
~ love, Rowdy Girl

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