If you have ever stopped to look at a turkey...
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FROM RowdyGirlSanctuary
November 2020

If you have ever stopped to look at a turkey... You would get to see just how beautiful they really are. When you see their feathers shining like rainbows in the sun, you can't help but be awestruck by this big bird's unique charm. All too often, the beauty of this bird is overlooked - especially during the holidays when they really need your support!

Turkey Sealy
All 3 photos by Kim Schaffer

Sealy came to us by way of a lady who had purchased this baby turkey from a feed store in Sealy, TX thinking that she was a chicken! But lo and behold, Sealy grew up to be a big, beautiful turkey. Talk about a surprise!

Everybody who knew Sealy, loved her. She would go back and forth to all the neighbor’s properties and she would love to roost in everyone’s trees. One day, however, the neighbors who loved Sealy moved away. Unfortunately, the new neighbors that moved in had kids that were scared of sweet Sealy. Soon, the new neighbors threatened to call animal control and have Sealy removed.. or worse!

Turkey Sealy

That’s when Sealy’s mom called us - it just wasn’t safe for Sealy over there anymore and there were no other options. So we happily took her in. We promised Sealy's mom that she would have a happy and safe life at Rowdy Girl Sanctuary.

When Sealy got here she started off living in our old house with us. While we built a new home, we made sure to include Sealy in the picture. She just loved living in a house for some reason! When the new home was built, we brought Sealy over to her new room. But Sealy was not having any of it!

Turkey Sealy

She was kicking and screaming the whole time. So we took her back to the old house that we had converted into an office. Now, she enjoys spending most of her time spreading joy around the office.

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