Nine months wasn't enough with my Jackson-boy
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From Holly - 23 Feb 2004
November 2009


It is with a heavy heart that I write you this morning. But I wanted to let you know that we lost our Jackson-boy the week before Valentines Day.

He got sick and my vet did emergency surgery after stabilizing him. They found that he had a twist in his large intestine and did not have much hope that he would survive after surgery but wanted to give him a chance. He seemed to be getting better and we had very positive signs from Wednesday after surgery through Friday. We were visiting him five times each day.

But on Saturday his temp spiked to 104 and a tummy tap indicated he had an infection in his abdomen. He just didn't respond to the antibiotics. We gave him until late Sunday but he declined and he was very clear that while he gave it his all, he couldn't hang in there for me. I am thankful that I was with him until the end as the way it should be. Everyone at the Vet hospital was wonderful.

Soon it will be time to celebrate the time that I had with him and not dwell on what I have lost. But for now I feel lost.

I really miss him. I would love it if you could please keep his story on your website.

Holly Kimball

From Frank - 23 Feb 2004

Dear Holly:

We are so sorry to hear of Jackson's death. Nine months isn't enough!

We will most definitely keep his story on our web site, and will add these comments as a eulogy.

If you have some other photos of Jackson, we'd like to add them as a memorial.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

In the Love of the Lord,


From Holly - 24 Feb 2004

Hello Frank:

Thank you for your kind words. I am still so very sad. My Jackson was such a great friend and all he ever wanted was to be at my side....oh and he wanted his cookies! I have a couple of photos but they are so dark. I will have a friend scan one and see if we can lighten it.

I do appreciate your keeping his story on your website. The worst is when well meaning friends don't want to bring Jackson up in conversation or mention him by name- I know they are doing it so that I won't feel sad but not being mentioned feels the same as his never existing. Thank you for keeping his story on your site.


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