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Jack and James

From Jamie Davis Jackson
Facebook posting, June 19, 2022

Jack is my guardian angel and James is my soulmate.

Cats Jack James
Jack and James

Cat Jack

Here is my precious Jack. A friend of mine has a cat named Jack who just passed away, and it reminded me that we have to cherish every moment with our angels who love us unconditionally and make us better humans.

Jack was born without his hind left foot. His leg was fused to his sisterís leg, and they had to be separated. In most photos of Jack, you canít tell, but in this one, you can see his leg and stub.

He is 14 now, and still has no problem running or jumping. Sometimes he tries to scratch his head with the foot he doesnít have! I will scratch his head for him while his stub sticks up in the air vibrating.

Jack is the most lovable being I have ever known. I am very thankful, honored, and blessed to have him in my life.

Cat James

I met James sixteen years ago on June 19, a three-month old kitten who was an unexpected birthday present. I remember telling my friends, adamantly, ďDonít get me an animal! I canít afford it.Ē I had just moved to Charleston, South Carolina, and I didnít even have a job yet. I was livid when they gave me this kitten!

James would have been killed that day at the shelter had they not adopted him for me. I named him after my grandfather, who died soon after. My grandfather was touched that I named this precious kitten after him. And they did meet once.

James is my soulmate. I love him more than I can say. As an animal rights activist, I donít know how I wouldíve survived the last 16 years without him. My other cat Jack joined us later, and I think of Jack as my guardian angel. But James is my soulmate. In this photo, you can see his ďhealing paw of powerĒ on me. I donít know how else to describe it. He puts his paw on me while heís purring and transmits this healing energy that gives me the strength to fight for the animals.

Iím very grateful to have James in my life. Iím also very grateful for all of my Facebook friends who fight for the animals. Trillions of animals suffer and die, and there are very few humans who speak up for them. I couldnít be the impactful voice for the animals I am without James. 

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