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From Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary (WAS)

August 2011


Jakob came here in the same rescue as Jack and his family [Jack and Family...Finally Off Concrete]. They all came from a slaughterhouse in Brooklyn that was illegally raising goats for meat. Jakob is a Boer goat, which is a breed that is most often used for meat. No doubt he was being raised for slaughter.

Very skinny when he first arrived

When he got to the farm, Jakob was emaciated – he had mange and a URI infection. Farm staff put him on a regimen to help with his health problems and Jakob grew into a healthy, strong goat. In fact, now he’s the cleanest white goat we’ve ever seen! It’s a mystery to us how he keeps his coat so brilliantly white!

We used to say, “Although he’s a little shy at first, Jakob can be really friendly with a little patience.”

Now he is profoundly friendly, and seems downright offended if you don’t give him some love. He loves to have his head scratched between his horns and he looks up at you with his beautiful golden goat eyes.

Grazing in the field

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