Meet Bonnet Macaque Joey
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Primarily Primates
July 2016

rescued macaque

Before finding sanctuary at Primarily Primates in 2002, Joey was an ex-pet who had been shuffled around to a couple of different owners.

Bonnet macaques, found only in India, have been named so because of their physical appearance. The coil of hair on Joey’s head, which radiates outward from the center, resembles a hat. Everyone at the sanctuary is envious of Joey’s head of hair, which always look good even in the humidity.

He’s very friendly and gets so excited when care staff approaches he runs around in circles before scooting over to the edge of his habitat for a back scratch.

In the wild, Joey would be eating seeds, leaves, flowers, insects, lizards, and frogs. At PPI, he is particularly fond of jasmine rice given to him on a bed of lettuce.

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