Joey and Mimi, Ministry Cats
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By Kate Cote
August 2009

Joey worked with me for 14 years, ministering to sick, sad or homeless people. He died recently, leaving me devastated. Soon after, I met two grieving ladies, at separate times, who had lost pets. While my heart was broken, I was able to reach out to comfort them, remembering Joey.

Memorial for Joey

God must have wanted to have a Golden Tabby Tiger Day
Joseph P. Côté
April 1997-April 29, 2009

Joey bringing comfort and joy to a child.

Joey with another lucky human.

Joey with another lucky human

Joey and Mimi

Louise (the one wearing purple) and Mimi

Louise and Mimi's Stories

Louise was well known in Worcester for being homeless and the train of 5 shopping carts that she took everywhere. She was so paranoid that she couldn't enter a building, nor be engaged in conversation. Riding in a vehicle, was out of the question for Louise.

The first Saturday Kate brought Joey to the Street Ministry, Louise came over to see him. The people in the ministry were in tears, as they had been trying to reach out to Louise for several years with no success. I am happy to report that Louise is no longer homeless. She is in an assisted living home and is on medication for her paranoia. She always asks for a ride home in one of the vans.

She loves MiMi. She always says, "If Minnie needs a home, you let me know." While MiMi is very wild, she seems to have a special gift in dealing with people like Louise.

One day as we were packing up, I took MiMi over in her sack, so Louise could pat her and say goodbye. Much to my surprise, MiMi hopped out of the sack and into Louise's lap. MiMi had never done this with anyone before. Two miracles for the price of one!

After this photo went out, Ellen the lady who rescued MiMi filled me in on her history. MiMi was purchased from a breeder in N.Y. For whatever reason, the people abandoned her in their apartment and moved away. She was found a month later by the landlord. She had survived on flies and water in the toilet.

The shelter she went to in Manhattan destroys over 200 animals per day. So many animals go there, that they couldn't possibly place them all. They try to hold the purebreds and the kittens for adoption. Each animal has 10 days. Ellen went there from Southbridge Ma., to rescue a boxer. One of the volunteers brought her to MiMi's cage. MiMi was cowering and shaking. The volunteer pointed out that no one would take her as everyone wants perky, friendly, animals and they would soon be putting her down. She was so tiny and cute that Ellen took her.

Unfortunately, MiMi has joint problems and other health issues. Everyone who took her ended up bringing her back. While she looked cute and cuddly, she clawed and bit everyone who tried to interact with her. Of course this caused more problems for MiMi. By the time she came to us, she had had 6 homes in eight months. She was extremely violent and didn't trust anyone.

When God called for MiMi on the street, I resisted. I couldn't even handle her at home, but the Father always knows best. Only in her going out and coming back has she come to realize that this is her forever home. Her joint problems and other health issues are being dealt with and her quality of life has greatly improved.

So many pieces had to come together for the picture of MiMi and Louise. It's really humbling to think that during MiMi's 10 day reprieve, over 2000 animals were put to sleep, but not MiMi. The people on street always say that even the cats have testimonies. I think it makes them realize though, if God could keep track of one little Siamese in the midst of all that chaos, how much more does he care for them?

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