In Memory of Justice the Steer
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Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary
December 2016

In Memory of Justice the Steer, Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary has created the Justice Legacy Fund

justice steer

Justice was not only a gentle giant and icon of Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary, but he embodied everything we stand for. His legacy of courage, love, hope and respect must live on. Please contribute generously so we can continue to be a vegan oasis for countless other animals to finally find peace and a lifelong home. Just as Justice did.

His harrowing experiences before he got to the sanctuary left him distrustful of most humans. Nonethelss, he knew he was safe here and was extremely protective of all new reisdents.

He welcomed every animal and promised them they would always be safe. He stood vigil next to them and no matter the species, he communicated serenity and confidence, letting the animals know that they would be okay.  Let's keep Justice's promises alive. With your help, the sanctuary will survive and thrive.

justice steer

justice steer

As his name implied, Justice's life and legacy reflects our mission to seek justice for all animals. Thank you for your support of our work and for withdrawing your support from those that exploit these animals by going vegan. Learn more by visiting our website.

Our fundraising goal of $50,000 will provide food, housing and care for hundreds of animals, who like Justice, will serve as ambassadors for all. In addition to donations, we could use your help spreading the word to your friends and family, so please feel free to share this fundraiser.

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