Karma's Story
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From Gentle Barn Sanctuary
August 2009

As you might remember, we rescued a cow named Karma last year. The man we rescued her from did not let us know she had a baby, until she cried for 12 hours straight. We then realized that the only thing that could cause her so much distress is being separated from a baby. So, we went back to the cruelty site we rescued her from and sure enough there was her baby about to be sent to slaughter. We rescued her tiny baby boy and brought him home to the safety of The Gentle Barn. Karma and her son, Mr. Rojas, have been together ever since.

This past Sunday one of our animal caregivers mentioned to us that Karma's udder looked swollen. We asked if he thought Karma had an infection and he replied, "no, I think she is going to have a baby." We thought he must be mistaken because we rescued her with a tiny baby, that she was still nursing. Surely, they would not have bred her again so soon, and all the male cows at our place are neutered...

In the evening, we always go down to the barnyard to take off fly masks and give everyone a goodnight treat. We walked casually over to Karma to check her out and see what our animal caregiver was talking about. When we saw her, she had a tiny foot coming out of her. She was having a baby! Holy cow/calf!


We ran upstairs to grab our boots and cameras and rushed back down to the barn just in time to see the baby's tiny face come out along with the feet. Then, moments later she pushed him out and there at our feet lay a beautiful, strong, healthy surprise.

Karma gave birth to a baby boy who, within minutes, was already trying to stand. We watched in amazement as Karma gently cleaned him off, as he stood and walked, as he took his first steps, nursed for his first time, and then fell asleep next to his exhausted but very happy mommy.

When we took Karma from her prison last November filled with dead animals and filth, with no food or water, we not only saved her life and the life of her tiny baby, but unaware we saved the life of her unborn child as well. Now all three of them will live together in health, safety, and love for the rest of their lives at The Gentle Barn.

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