In Loving Memory of KIMI
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By Francis Liew
August 2009

My name is Francis Liew and I'm from Malaysia. I stumbled across your web page, "The Animal Page" as I was scouring the net for animal stories. I love dogs and I have four wonderful but mischievous shih-tzus of my own. I started reading a few of the stories posted on your web site and I have enjoyed reading them all. I shared the pain of Holly Kimball when she lost her wonderful Jackson-boy whom she rescued from the shelter. I know how hard it is to lose an animal for I too lost my dog Kimi a few years back. Kimi came into my life quite by accident. Her previous owners have decided to give her away because they were going to emigrate to Canada. She had been pushed from one new owner to the other and when they found out she was blind she was quickly sent back to the owners with all sorts of excuses.

My day my brother phoned me that there was a black Spitz available for adoption and asked me whether I would like to look her over before I make up my mind. The owner immediately came to my house that very evening along with Kimi. Kimi did not take to anyone that night except for the owner's daughter. She would growl whenever anyone went near her. When I took a close look at her I found that her pupils were white in color. I told her owner that she was blind but the owner pleaded with me to take her. After a lot of reluctance I finally relented not because I took a liking to Kimi but because of the sad stories told to me about her.

After a couple of days the owners left for Canada somewhat relieved that Kimi had a home and I was saddled with a blind dog that was unfriendly and tried to bite anyone that went near. Kimi would not eat for a few days but put her nose to the door hoping that her master would return to fetch her home. I coaxed her with every opportunity I had but received no positive response. On the morning of the 5th day I went to her and when I called her name she responded with a few wags of her tail. I was still apprehensive whether she would accept me as her new owner and on her part she was still suspicious about me. More coaxing followed until her suspicions were allayed. I had finally won her over. I was hers. She was possessive, would not allow anyone to caress her except me. I was her eye and when I took her for her morning and evening walks she would always stay close to me.

I remember one day I took her to the highlands for a short break with my family and friends. That evening I happened to be out of the lodge. KIMI frantically sniffed everyone and when I finally appeared I could sense the relief in her. I was so proud that Kimi had finally accepted me

I kept Kimi for 10 wonderful years. She finally gave up her spirit when she died of heart failure. How I pined for that day. I was inconsolable with grief. I buried her in the front yard amidst a lot of talk from the neighbours that it would be bad "fung suey" I could not bear to see her being thrown into some dust bin like a piece of used rag. I believe that one day I'll meet her again, my beloved KIMI

This story is written in loving memory of KIMI who gave us 10 wonderful but short years.

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