Leilani Farm Sanctuary's New Animal Residents
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FROM Leilani Farm Sanctuary
September 2019

Meet the rescued animals now living in paradise at Leilani Farm Sanctuary in Hawaii!

Noah Sawn
Noah-a gentle swan-was exploited by a Maui hotel as a tourist attraction, until the management got tired of cleaning up his droppings and ordered that he be "put down." Now a happy resident of Leilani Farm Sanctuary, he enjoys his new pond and barn murals every day.

Clarissa gave birth to her kittens in a wrecked car. She and sons Henry and Billy will always be together at the Sanctuary.




Buddy was permanently crippled after a neighbor at Makena Landing intentionally ran over him and then hired an exterminator to kill all the remaining chickens in the area.

Rex Kitten
Rex was snatched from the mouth of a dog who had nearly killed him.

Zachary Kitten
Zachary was abandoned at our Sanctuary under cover of night.

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