Light Of Our Souls, Keesha (1996-2010)
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By Cheryl
November 2013

Keesha dog companion
Keesha with Santa...

Happy Thanksgiving 2013 to Keesha...

God in his infinite love, gave me a beautiful angel for fourteen years that forever changed me and my family. Keesha changed every life that knew her, even the lives of strangers. Many fellow animal lovers would stop in the middle of the street and flood me with questions regarding her. Soon some of those strangers became my friends. She changed my life forever.

She gave me such joy through her many expressions of love. I was not just her Mom, I was her best friend and she was mine. I called her my furry daughter. She went almost everywhere I would go because I wanted every precious moment I could have with her.

She has seen the amazing sights of the grand canyon, the Oregon coastline, the magic of Disneyland and the inside of a classroom. Yes, she attended classes with me when I was a college student. I didnt want to miss her life, so I didn't.

I was never more happy and felt more love than when she was by my side. In her absence, our love still goes on and someday we will be together again never to be parted. For that, I am truly thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving Keesha.

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