Lily Was the Best
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FROM Bryan Monell
June 2019

Cat Lily

Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts on the passing of Lily. You have made the unbearable bearable. I really appreciate your being there for her and me.

Being a sophisticated cat who wasn't into drama, Lily was not into Facebook but I'm sure she would have loved knowing that the post of her passing got more hits and commentary than any of the thousands of posts I've done over the past 10 years with the exception of my post about Ringling Bros. announcing their closing in Jan 2017.

Lily would've been cool with that. She hated Ringling as well.

She once peed on a Ringling poster I had despite there being a clean litter box two feet away. I swear she looked like she was smiling when she did it.

 Lily was the best. 

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