My sweet baby Lisa
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FROM Priya Sawhney
Facebook posting October 14, 2021

Lisa Sawhney

My sweet baby Lisa is no longer sharing this physical realm with me. But she exists beyond this material world.

I will miss your sweet little paws, the way you sparked up when mama walked into the room, and how much you loved your brother Oliver and cared for your family. I have so much more I could say about my Potato but words escape me in this moment of sadness. Here is a poem I wrote for you my love.

Mama loves you forever, and we will take good care of Oliver and Joan.

My sweet potato,
You were with me when I cried tears over broken hearts,
Strained friendships,
Lonely nights,
When I had nowhere to go.
But you welcomed me in your arms,
Though my head was too big for them.
I carried you because you couldnít walk,
But you held me in invisible ways,
Your body is gone, but youíre still here with me, my sweet potato,
And this is why Iíll make it through the days.

Animal Activist Priya Sawhney
Direct Action Activist with Dxe: Until every animal is free

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