Lovely Doņa Lila
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FROM Indraloka Animal Sanctuary
December 2019

Lovely Mule Doņa Lila and Donkey Hotay arrived traumatized... are now playful, safe and happy.

Mule Dona Lila

We here at Indraloka are honored to be a part of the life of lovely Doņa Lila, a reserved but loving mule. She and her best friend Donkey Hotay came to Indraloka after having been sent back to their rescues from sanctuaries that were unable to keep them.

Both Doņa Lila and Donkey Hotay were so traumatized they didn't trust humans and would kick or bite at them. It took loving patience to help them heal and settle into a life of freedom in their own private pasture.

Doņa Lila's personality can now shine through, like when she initiates playtime with Donkey Hotay by putting her hooves on him. She is a beautiful, spirited girl who enjoys playfully kicking her treat ball about or taking bites of Donkey Hotay's food before he can. She has many peaceful years ahead to enjoy a life of peace and freedom with her friend and the loving Indraloka staff.

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