The Story of Lucky: The One Eyed, Three-Legged Cat
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18 Apr 2001

Five years go when we first moved up to Hudson we noticed a black cat hopping through our backyard.  He couldn't run because he just had three legs. Our approach to feed him was rewarded with hissing and a fast run away from us. The cat was not at all interested in us.


We left food out for all kinds of critters and hoped that he would get a bite.  We felt for him, as he was all on his own and the winter was near. One day I noticed him sitting more quietly and when he turned around I saw his right eye was all infected.  Since there was no way of reasoning with him to let me get him some medical attention, I got a trap and trapped him the next day. The vet I used back than, explained that his eye had to be removed and that he also had hepatitis, worms, fleas and needed to be neutered. Well, it was all done and the bill was so high that I had to make a deal with the vet. I (a fashion designer at that time/before the cats took over my life) designed 2 shirts for the vet in exchange for "Lucky's" eye and treatment.   Since it was winter I kept Lucky inside to recover and placed him in a bathroom where he lived under the bathtub for 3 months. Every time I entered the room he tried to climb the walls (literally) to get away from me.  No matter what treat I brought I received hissing and spitting.

But I was determined to show him how life could be as an indoor cat. Mozart and Vivaldi was played daily and I told him my life story over and over again until one day in spring he decided to give me a chance and came out from under the bathtub towards me and rubbed his big head on my leg. That was it. The ice was broken. Lucky admitted that he loves to cuddle and requested if he stays with us, he wants his friends to come over to visit, sleeps in bed with us, gets his breakfast at 6AM and basically can do what he wants. So here we are 5 years later and so is Lucky (and 24 others, all with a story to tell)

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