Remembering Lucy
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From Animal Rescue Media Education (ARME)
December 2010

Exactly three years ago, on December 20, 2007, Lucy was ripped from her home with lies and manipulation and killed by Santa Clara County in an inhumane manner. Her parents continue to fight against the system to stop breed-discrimination in Santa Clara County and San Jose. They can only hope that their efforts to fight for Lucy's rights will do something to make a difference for other pit bulls.


Pit bulls and all dogs should be given a fair chance within the legal system, and right now, there is little-to-no checks and balances to protect dogs or their owners. It is a constant struggle against breed discrimination in the legal system.

The owners continue to fight for their dog, Lucy, and for basic pet rights to life and fair treatment. They are currently in litigation against the county to prevent further breed discrimination against pit bulls, and are struggling against a mountain of biased bureaucracy.

Their struggle is long and expensive, so if there is any support you feel you can give, verbally, financially, or with volunteer work for ARME.

Help us make a difference; every bit of support helps. Our pets our are babies, our "furry children", and loving creatures in our homes; we cannot afford to let them be treated as "objects" and our relationships with them reduced to property. We all need to fight for the rights and fairness that all living creatures deserve.

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