Marion, I Miss You
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By Sharon Ding
August 2009


My beloved companion Marion just died a week ago. I am still going through the pain. Right now my only comfort is knowing that I will see her again someday in heaven.

Marion's mum, Sniffer gave birth to 6 pups on the 12 Oct 2007. It was the day my Dad was repatriate from Kazakhstan as a missionary after fracturing his hip bone. I returned from the hospital at 2 AM and there Sniffer was giving birth. All of the six pups was fine and so beautifully formed: 3 black and 3 brown, 3 females and 3 males. I prayed every night for their safety. Marion is one of them.

I chose her because she was bonded to us from the beginning. I guess it is always natural when they required more attention than the rest. I gave 4 away later. I kept Robin (female) and Marion. So that they could play together. I have 3 dogs altogether. Though it was difficult and a handful, especially since we are living in a tropical climate. We tend to bath the dogs more often. My husband and I are both working and serving God. By God's grace we managed well and we are always looking forward to be home to be with our "BABIES". They are so adorable.


Marion was a special one. She loves playing with her toys and she made music with anything she could find. Do you know when I worship God at the piano, She is always the one sitting near me. Listening. She enjoys music. So we often have our praise and worship together in the morning before I go to work.

I gave one he siblings away to my neighbor to demonstrate "Forgiveness". My neighbor had been eyeing Sniffer for a long time. One day I left her in the garden as It was mating season. He took Sniffer and I guess he also tend to kidnapped her because he took out her collar where all my details are there. He put her in a cage with his poodle and they mated. I looked for Sniffer for 3 hours. Later I played my piano and I could hear Sniffer barked. I know for sure she was nearby. I guess my neighbor knew he couldn't keep her for long. So he came and told me Sniffer was at his place and his dog and mine mated and he wanted 2 puppies I was furious. But was glad to see Sniffer again. I didn't pursue it further.

Two months later, Sniffer gave birth and I prayed I told my husband. May be God has a reason for that. I gave gave my neighbor Murphy (male). You won't believe this. He chopped his tail. I cried for days and Murphy couldn't sit and eat for 2 days. I took him back. He was so traumatized till he hid himself at a corner all the time. So timid and so insecure.

When the pups were  6 months old. One day, out of negligence. Marion mated with Murphy. I didn't want her to get pregnant but the vet said she wasn't but she did. He had given us bad information that we shouldn't have females spayed until after they had their first period.  We will never let this happen again. We found out much later that she was pregnant, but was dangerous to abort 2 pups in her womb (it was 2 weeks before the delivery).

Marion died of complication during giving birth to her puppies. None of them survived.

I feel so guilty and responsible. I didn't expect her to leave me so soon. In fact that morning I sent her to the clinic. She was sitting down. I prayed for her there and I sang hymns to give her peace. She could walked around even though she was in pain and weak.

I could have done better, isn't it? All these things happening made me so down and guilty. I lost Marion. There won't be another one like her. If there are dogs in heaven, which I believe there are. I would want her to know how sorry I am. I didn't bring her home to show Robin and Sniffer. I cremated her. Though, there are signs and symptoms that they are going through something emotional. But they didn't know that I did not give Marion away. She has left us for good.

Now all our companions are spayed and neutered.

Marion, I miss you!

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