Maverick’s small act of kindness
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FROM / AAVS American Anti-Vivisection Society
February 2020

In 2019, we celebrated the fifth anniversary of founding of Project Chimps. Former research chimps are thriving.

Chimp Maverick
Maverick is carrying only two apples because he shared a third with Tibi.

Companionship is very important for primates and it goes much deeper than just having a playmate to pass the time away. It’s truly about relationships and empathy.

Take a look at former lab chimpanzees Maverick and Tibi. During Maverick’s first time exploring his new forest home at ProjectChimps, he gathered up some treats, and then went back inside his villa. Outside the camera’s view, Maverick shared one of his apples with Tibi, who is older and was scared to go outside.

Well, Maverick’s small act of kindness was just what Tibi needed to muster up the courage to venture out! Having compassion for someone who is scared; recognizing that sharing can make another feel good; and trust that a friend would never steer you wrong shows emotional intelligence, something that is clearly not uniquely human.

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