In Memory of Martin
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FROM Rowdy Girl Sanctuary
July 2020

He got his name Martin because the fact that he was born at all, was a miracle.

Cow Martin
Martin had many friends at Rowdy Girl - Charger was his best friend and he also loved hanging out with members of the Florida herd - here he is with Star.

Martin was born on Christmas Day and what a gift he was! He had an amazing heart and gentle spirit - his story is one in a million!

Larry, a cattle rancher had a few cattle back in Missouri, and Martin was one of his herd members. He got his name because he was born from a Cow named Charlotte - Charlotte was considered a "free Martin," a young heifer who is not supposed to be fertile. Larry hadn't checked on his cattle for a couple weeks and one evening on Christmas Day, he was surprised when he went outside, and found little calf laying next to his mama. He got his name Martin because the fact that he was born at all, was a miracle.

Fast Forward to the L.A. Airport...

Kami Anderson, a passionate animal activist, had wanted to rescue a calf bound for slaughter, and the universe came together that day when she met Larry in an L.A. airport. She struck up conversation with him and Martin came up - after that she knew it was meant to be. She rescued Martin who was bound for slaughter and sent him to Rowdy Girl Sanctuary to live out his life in peace.

Martin lived out his life at Rowdy Girl Sanctuary - he passed away from a rare cancer. Martin loved to be serenaded and his best bud was Charger.

Rowdy Girl

We all miss Martin so much.

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