The Story of Micah and Elizabeth Total Devotion Full Circle
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By Diane Blakney

Micah was a beautiful, big, powerful Doberman. He was feared by many. Micah hated cats and had tried to catch any cat that dared venture into his fenced yard and I prayed it would never happen. Therefore, I was very hesitant to bring home a tiny black kitten I found. I slowly tried introducing them, but Micah would bark and growl and the kitten would puff up the size of a fuzzy tennis ball and act vicious. I kept telling Micah that the hissing set of claws was just a baby and he had to be nice to her. He seemed to understand and was getting much better around her by the third day.

On the fourth day, I decided to take the kitten, now named Elizabeth, outside to walk around in the grass. As I was sitting in a chair watching her explore, she went around the side of the house, out of my view. Only animal lovers will understand my next gesture: I turned to Micah and said to him, "Where did the baby go?" To my surprise, he took off running to the side of the house. In another 15 seconds he was back standing in front of me with a fuzzy black body hanging out of his mouth. I was mortified. My heart stopped. I nearly fainted, but instead I slowly and quietly told Micah to put the baby down, all the while trying to prepare myself to see a headless or at least a dead kitten with a broken neck.

Micah gently sat the lifeless looking body down on the ground, where she proceeded to look up at me, wet head and all, and meow "hello." From that day on until she was over 5 months old, and her feet touched the ground, Micah continued to carry Elizabeth around in his huge jaws. Poor Elizabeth grew up thinking she should have a wet head. Micah cared for, loved, and nurtured his Elizabeth. They were totally devoted to one another. Though there were other animals that came to live at my house, Elizabeth never liked the other cats. She loved only Micah.

As the years passed and Micah became very old and frail, I knew his time was coming to an end. Evidently so did Elizabeth, because she rarely left his side before the end. She groomed him daily, which took a long time considering how big he was. Micah was nearly 14 years old when he left us. Elizabeth will soon be 14 years old and has cancer. She will soon be joining her best friend and that gives me some comfort.

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