Mice Love and Mourn, Too
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by Annie Newman
September 2009

When my white mouse Baby 2 passed, Babie One was amazing. She ran around the tank looking for something. (I believe it was Baby 2's soul / spirit / live being.) She was digging and tunneling frantically. Then all of a sudden after about 5 minutes she went in the house they shared and started to groom Baby 2's body from head to toes. Then she cleaned herself and arranged their blanket and went to sleep with her head leaning on the body.

She didn't let me remove the body for an hour or so. I had to put her in a clean tank to separate them. She was perfectly normal then! While one mouse is ill, the others take care of him or her, going as far as drinking water and then giving it to the sick mouse almost like a French kiss. Every time they have a member get sick they keep him or her clean, make a nest, make sure he or she gets food and then when death arrives they grieve. It's most wonderful and sad to see all this rolled into one!

If only humans acted with half the love and care as mice.

[Ed. Note: The fact that mice have the capacity to love and mourn is proof that they have God-given souls just as we humans have.]

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