Mickey and Jo
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From Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary (WFAS)
October 2011

Named after the founders of the famously vegetarian Chicago Diner, these two domestic Muscovy ducks were rescued from freezing waters by a caring New York City resident.

Initially spotted together but rescued at different times, Mickey and Jo were found distressed and in poor shape, both with telltale signs of having escaped from some sort of livestock operation because the tips of their upper bills had been cut off (an action taken to prevent pecking when stressed ducks are crammed together in cages).


They were malnourished and the female, Jo, had a severely broken wing.

After surgery, Jo was brought to WFAS for long term care. Mickey, who proved more elusive to the rescuer, was brought in at a later time.

The reaction of the pair when reunited was truly heart-warming. They ran to each other, quacking gently and embraced by wrapping their necks around each other, much to the awe of everyone at WFAS.

Mickey and Jo are now recovering and are inseparable. Awwwww....


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