The Story of Muffin and Sugar Cookie
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FROM A letter written in response to A Memorial to Stormie
Submitted by Mindy Tucker
27 Mar 2002


Dear Patsy,

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I know what you're feeling, and the ache that is still with you each and every day since your Stormie went to be with Jesus.  I lost my little Cocker-Spitz, Muffin (photo above), who I had for 13 wonderful years.  I still cry, and miss her.  She went to Heaven on Dec. 4th, 2000, at 6:PM.  She died in my arms just before the vet was walking in to give her the muscle relaxer to administer the final shot to ease her suffering from heart disease.  (We had tried all sorts of medication but she had gotten to where she couldn't breathe - it broke my heart.)  I'll never forget the look in her beautiful brown eyes, as if to say,"  I know you didn't want to have to do this, but it's OK, you don't want me to suffer anymore."  My vet and I sensed that she knew, and passed on naturally to save me the pain.  Dogs know our hearts and what we're thinking.  We, who have been, or are so close to them, know their hearts too.

Three days after Muffin was gone, I was walking out back to the garden to put flowers on her grave, crying, and thinking to myself, "she loved to chase butterflies."  And as The Lord is my witness, in the dead of winter when NO BUTTERFLIES are around, the most beautiful large yellow butterfly flew right in front of me, and I watched it disappear way up in the air!  That was the answer to my prayers that animals really DO go to Heaven, although I had never doubted it.


My husband got another puppy for me a week after Muffin died.  (My little Lab-mix, Sugar Cookie (photo above) is black, where Muffin was white, both long-haired) At first I think Cookie sensed that I was still grieving over Muffin, and the first night we had her, she didn't cry even once like most puppies, she didn't eat or drink, or even have an "accident" in the house!  We thought this was very strange, and took her to our vet the very next morning.  He checked her out and told us she was healthy, and we talked about her sensing that I was so close to Muffin, and of course still grieving.  I took Cookie home and sat down and petted her and talked to her just like I used to Muffin.  I told her that I still loved Muffin, and I was feeling terrible pain, and always would love and miss her.  Although I love all animals, I felt like I NEVER COULD be as close to Cookie as I was to Muffin.


As the days went by, Cookie (photo above) is such a wonderful, sweet-natured dog, and my constant shadow, that I found myself falling deeply in love with her and a wonderful bonding taking place.  But in an entirely DIFFERENT way.  My children and I have talked, and I've come to believe that just as we love our children in different ways, it's possible to love our animal friends in different ways.  There is something that I can't explain.  There's a certain way that Muffin would give one little "woof" when she wanted to go out to piddle, and Cookie does the exact same thing!  Also, she seemed to KNOW what I meant when I said, "those raccoons are in the yard!"  She whimpered and turned her head just like Muffin and wanted to look out the window!  (we live in the country)  I feel like God gave Cookie certain traits of Muffin's to comfort me, but I've come to love Cookie in her own special way.I've retired just to be able to spend lots of time with my precious Cookie,and my 2 grandchildren, who "The Cook"loves dearly.

I pray that you form a bond with your new little dog. You will always miss Stormie,and things will remind you of her often, and you will always cry and feel sad at times, but people who are blessed with our capacity to love and understand our animal friends know that we WILL see them Heaven!

May God Bless and comfort you!

Tucker,and Sugar Cookie 

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