Mush, the Rescued Sparrow
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by Karen Woollard
August 2009


I also have a sparrow (See The Sparrow That Fell) called 'Mush' he was found on the ground having fallen from a nest high up in next doors eves. We guessed he was about 5/6 days old when we found him, that was back in August 2006.

He now lives in our conservatory and sees me as his 'mum'. He has had many escapades during his life so far, having spent one night out in the wilds in October 2006 then promptly returning the next morning and also was almost eaten by one of our cats in the summer of 2007.

He is still fit and well and loves attention and spends hours cleaning himself in my hair or playing 'pee-boo' through the patio doors with our two cats and one dog. He seems to be very happy and I am sure he would not survive in the wild.



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