My love, my pride, my savior - My Baby Bull
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Deekshant Kumar
June 2016

My baby bull was my savior. He left behind a mark that speaks of a leader not by his power, but, a gesture that fulfilled the need for a trough for all his fellow beings and many more.

baby bull

A real life story in memory of my baby bull.

Welcome to New Delhi, a millionaire’s slum, where the holy cow is not that holy. Where East meets West and one comes to believe that God exists, as one has no clue how things are working, yet, they are just fine. Where cows, bulls and dogs… wander freely around the streets and where honking is not an exception, but, the norm. “Yes”, as imperfect as this place is, and nauseating to some, it is, my home sweet home.

It was not the love at first sight, but, a call for help from anyone who could help that brought us together. In the titillating heat just under 120 degrees fahrenheit, a summer special reserved for a few, I was the only dumb foreigner visiting parents, who could hear this howling bull and was concerned. It was not him, but, the fact he was howling at 2 am at night that got me worried.

You see this poor guy has a heart that only few do get it, other than the ones, who he really cares about. So, being who he is, he gets up, walks out the door, unlocks the gate and checks out the problem. He finds the bull howling alone at a distance without any provocation; making me wonder what is his problem. May be, he is thirsty. So, I call him over, “AAHH AAHH, AAHH, AAHH”, and bring the tub out, open the tap and start pouring water through the hose. I was afraid, so I left the tub out and closed the gate just to be sure. He then comes over, walks up the ramp, drinks till his thirst is met in full and leaves.

You would guess that was it, “our first and last”. No Sir, hardly. You see, we haven’t even gotten to know each other, so, how could the movie end.

Next day, I find myself in the same spot with a difference that this is afternoon and not midnight. I do the same, take the tub out, close the gate open the tap and pour water through the hose. He drinks and goes. While this goes on for a few days, the change is, he takes me in confidence and walks straight up the driveway where the tap is, drinks and goes. The change in me is, I now recognize him by his sound. And, while this ritual is being followed day in day out, I have started feeding him all the delicacies and taken note that he always comes alone, while there are bunch of them having the same need. As a result, I decided to build a trough so all stray animals could have water to drink.

The strange thing is, while the neighborhood consists of all educated class people who are kind enough to feed these animals, there are some who throw food with the plastic bag on. As if, these cows can separate the bag from the food. As a result, they eat along with the bag. What a shame. They lack the civic sense not to throw the plastic bag or paper on the street. Actually, it is not that they lack civility, but, they do it unconsciously, and it has never occurred to them that they are causing harm. Part of the reason is, when they see trash around the place, automatically, it becomes the garbage bin for others to do the same. And, part of the problem is, it was not taught to them and nor were they exposed by setting an example for others to follow. Or, may be, old habits die hard. The so called cleanliness is strictly confined to their home. All in all, reality is even worse, but, there is a gentle touch of mother nature that overcomes it all and makes one humble and cherish the little that is left of it. Sorry, this real life story is about my love and not this.

Back on topic, my baby bull is not almighty, handsome, intelligent or calm. In fact, just the opposite. He is very ferocious, short tempered and well known in the neighborhood to stay away from. He has enemies for no fault of his defending his self respect that the human kind has no regard for. If you instigate him or throw water at him, then, depending on the severity of the crime committed and consideration given, he will either attack you or make you well aware of his anger. I have been a witness to both along with being beaten by the police with lathis (batons). He has high self esteem who doesn’t eat from trash. Just my conjecture. Nevertheless, for me he is full of love. Once, when I didn’t know that they hate water, I tried to wash him. He simply turned and went away. While sitting cross-legged on the steps of the ramp in front of him, I would hold his mouth and move it in any direction to brush his neck. While standing on the stairs, I would ask him to turn to brush his other side and he would simply do so. Or, may be, he never wanted to miss out all the fun and leave his other side unattended. I know, I wouldn’t, and, even ask for more. One day, while going off to sleep, he unknowing did lay his head in my lap, and once, I even got to clean his eyes. He would lick my hand to show his love and cheek greeting was my way in kind.

There was something very special about him. He will always sit at the center of the gate as if, his place was marked; protecting and guarding the family and the house, as if, it’s his own. At this point, we were bonded. And, all throughout my journey, the child in me was feeling the love and enjoying the moment that could care less about what people think of him. One day, the head of the clan was watching and wondering what the hell is going on. My guess is, he could feel the love that he so desired and only wished if it was him in place.

He was the chosen one with all the traits to head the clan when it’s his time to lead. Till then, he was being trained by the head and would lock horns and push him to the edge to force him to fight while he was resting. And though, he was too young to win the battle of love among his fellow beings, he sure did give a fight just in case he got lucky.

On a serious note, I am bald and my skin is sensitive to any cream. Someone brought in some seeds and told me to grind them and mix it with oil. Later, apply the mixture on my scalp and hair evenly and leave it on overnight. Continue on doing this for a few days and the result would be that I will see a collection of boils that will rupture and thereafter my hair follicles will grow. This was day three of the application when I got the bad news. Somebody who knew that I feed the bull came over and told me he was stabbed by a spear yesterday night. I asked him, where is he now and he told me a few blocks away.

I went to see him. Saw the wound. It was 1.5 inch hole near the lower end of his plate. He had lost all the blood over and above the hole. I covered his wound with my hand and brought him home. I bandaged him and tried to give him water. He couldn’t drink. He sat down and collapsed for a few secs. Other than his will, he had lost all his strength. I could sense that his end was near that he had no control over. I then murmured something to him. I told him, I have loved him and if his end is near, then, he shouldn’t die here. He immediately gets up, bows down, as if, to give his last tribute and I kiss him to say goodbye. He then walks down a block and collapses. In a few hours, he had passed away. I intentionally avoided seeing him the last time as I wanted to only retain the happy moments we shared together and nothing more.

For some reason, that very night, I had a very severe burning sensation in my eyes to an extent that I couldn’t close my eyes or keep them open, and, washing, jogging, lying down… wouldn’t help. My condition was seriously life-threatening for a few hours and I could have gone blind. There was no medical cure (uveitis) at that moment.

As much as I take astrology lightly, someone about two years back had said two things about me. One had already come true and the other was about my losing vision. It was in hindsight that I did remember him and took note of what he had said.

Who knows what is to come and what’s in store, but, it seems “karma” sure does influences it. And, when your time has come the moment freezes. Not once did it occur to me nor anyone suggested that I could have called a veterinarian. I could have explored the possibility of blood transfusion… In the aftermath, all I can say is, I wish I could have done more. My baby bull was my savior. He left behind a mark that speaks of a leader not by his power, but, a gesture that fulfilled the need for a trough for all his fellow beings and many more.

I only wish he had survived. May his soul rest in peace and lots and lots of love to him.

Amen and thanks for reading.

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