Newest Members of the Lockwood Pack
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FROM Lockwood Animal Rescue Center LARC
March 2020

Stories about the newest rescued at Lockwood Animal Rescue Center LARC.

Meet the Newest Members of the Lockwood Pack

Wolf King

King is the alpha male of the rescued pack. At 14 years old, he is quiet, reserved and likes his space. After our initial medical exam, we discovered that King, who had a swollen rear end, has a cancerous mass that requires surgery. Our veterinary team is optimistic that the cancer is isolated and we are hopeful that once it is removed King will be more comfortable and have a new lease on life! We need your help to support King's upcoming medical procedures. Please help our new wolf live out his golden years in good health at LARC.

Wolf Lady

Lady is a sweetheart! This senior gal is also age 14 and is King's sister. She is friendly and curious to get to know her human caregivers. When we did Lady's intake examination, we discovered a low-grade heart murmur. She will have a visit from a veterinary cardiologist volunteering his time this coming week to determine the best plan of action to keep her in the best of health. In the meantime, she's enjoying all of the excitement of her giant new enclosure that she shares with King.

Wolf Numeria

Nymeria is our super senior at 16 years old! Despite her advanced age, she actually came to us in heat, so she will be temporarily solo in her enclosure for all of the wolves' safety (wolves and dogs can get aggressive and territorial around females in heat). We are monitoring her closely as the chance of infection increases for aging wolves. Nymeria loves pets and affection so our veteran caregivers are stopping by for lots of pets and scratches!

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