A "One of a Kind" Dog - Man's Best Friend - Daisy Had an Amazing Run! 2012 -2021
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FROM Joey Trachtman
Facebook posting, November 11, 2021

I know when I get to heaven that Daisy will have fought everyone to get to the front of the line to welcome me home.

Daisy and Joey Trachtman

One of the most kind and compassionate things someone can do is rescue a dog from a shelter or other!!! One of the hardest things to do EVER is to let them go!!!

Daisy “Fuentes“ “The Flower” Trachtman came into our lives over six years ago when we received a call from someone at the Long Beach animal shelter saying that Daisy was scheduled to be killed for no reason, and when the tech bent down to put the needle in, Daisy licked the technician’s face, and they decided to give her a second chance to be adopted! (This is still the sad and unacceptable state at our shelters.) Edna Sorensen saved her life!

Daisy was in foster care for a while, but sadly was returned numerous times due to her dog selectivity! Having said that, Daisy loved all people and children, and even made two best friends, Charlie and Lucky who she walked with everyday by the ocean!

Dogs Charlie Lucky

Even with an adopt-me vest( thanks to Diane Newburg who was kind enough to foster Daisy as well), she could never find a home! Daisy sadly got three different cancers and was in congestive heart failure, and miraculously lived three years as this was the biggest challenge we both faced head on as she fought like crazy to survive!

Daisy knew then that she would be mine! Daisy finally had her wish! It was a rough go in the beginning separating all the dogs, but eventually became manageable! Joeycat and Daisy loved each other so much, often grooming one another!

Daisy and Joey Cat

I have rescued and help rescue many animals and NEVER have seen a dog with such a will to live!  Daisy would follow me everywhere, including waiting outside the shower to make sure I was okay, and sje slept on my bed every night Daisy was so loyal and we had such a close bond. I truly cherish the times we spent together at the dog beach, and hiking in the Santa Monica mountains.

Losing my dad, his brother, and now Daisy, these past few months makes this pain and sadness unbearable at the moment! We (Kali and Joeycat too) are so grateful for the love and support of so many dear friends. Thank you! We wanted to personally thank her huge medical team, Andy Kaplan, City Vet Care NYC, Betsy Bond, cardiologist, Animal Medical Center NYC, Armaiti May, in-house vegan vet Los Angeles, Trey Schwartz, Overland Vet Clinic and All Creatures Long Island and VCA South Sepulveda LA who drained her belly and gave her extra months on this planet!

Our hearts are broken. Rest In Peace angel! I know when I get to heaven that Daisy will have fought everyone to get to the front of the line to welcome me home! Stay safe everyone and thanks to all who read this post! We love you!

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