Our Wild Mice
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by Jen http://www.angelfire.com/art3/dreamcatcher
August 2009

I have been saddened by the abuse suffered, and moved by the pictures and stories of animals who have just been allowed to "be". You don't have much on wild mice trapped, poisoned or killed. We have a wild mouse infestation that I'm trying to handle humanely (unfortunately, my cat has caught several). I am live trapping the younger ones and the boys, but have to re-release the older girls who may have litters. I've managed to "rescue" a number of them, and they are awaiting warm weather release (its very cold here right now). I've also managed to save a few from the cats.

While I don't like them in cages right now its the safest and most humane place to be. Since I have so many domestic small animals (pet store rescues and all with their own heart-breaking stories), I have the proper set ups so these wild beauties have fresh water and the best food. I worry some of the younger ones may be too "tame" now, even though I didn't set them up for that. I limited time and human contact with them, and they are housed with other wild mice. But I have quite a few who when I clean their cages, will race up my hand and arm, and end up on my shoulder. At first I figured they were trying to escape, but they have that chance, and choose to stay on me (I have rescued domestic mice as well, and they show the same traits my tamer pets do).

I know mice are tiny, and society has so many prejudices on these creatures, but I know you will understand when I say that one look into those little eyes, and I know I have to help them. Most I will be able to release, but few may choose to stay, and that's fine by me, because I will make sure they stay cared for, and have everything they want.

I thought you would like a picture or two to add to your site. The first is a wild mouse who stayed still long enough for me to get a picture. She is a young female, who had been trying to jump out of a box with a piece of kibble. You can see it in her mouth. I took this picture, then released her (she kept the kibble) because I was afraid she was old enough to have a litter of pups. I love those eyes; mice are magical creatures, in my opinion. The second is a young female I caught, severely dehydrated, last summer in a window-well. She survived and thrived, then escaped in the house, and spent one evening under my computer monitor. She came close but wouldn't let me catch her. I later live-trapped her, and she was released weeks later (I'm hoping she lost any tameness she had with me).

I have pictures of (happy) wild mice, and can get videos and more pictures for as long as they are here. (I also have stories of personal experiences). I wouldn't have pictures of trapped mice, since I don't use the snap traps and poisons. I would hope no one has such things posted, but who knows nowadays. The only dead ones I come across are the ones my cat has caught. I've had the misfortune of coming home Friday and Saturday nights and finding one each night who was dying. Last night I had one of those mice die in my hand. Once shock and internal injury take over they can't be saved, though I try. I have rescued a few from shock and minor injuries, and still have a couple of those guys.

I saw the little one in the tree, very amazing. Mice really are such intelligent and emotional little creatures (they even "bury" their dead, after saying goodbye). Domestic mice (and rats) are often seen as snake food here, and a pet store I worked at treated them (and many other animals) horribly, which is why I have so many. I do have pictures of mistreatment/death of many, because I was going to turn the owner in. I did call and complain, although I don't believe anyone ever came out. She has since sold the store and my hope is the next owner will sell less if any animals.


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